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Is it a RIB? Is it a Yacht? It’s the Anvera 55S! (Video)

The Anavera 55S

Fast, sleek and generous in size, the Anvera 55s is a crossover between a RIB and a yacht which never fails to delight. Featuring an open deck and an appealing appearance from every angle, the Anvera has a minimalist feel and an exciting presence of technology. Carbon fibre is the trusty backbone of the boat which makes it easy to manoeuvre and light on the water but make no mistake: this is a safe boat with an impressive reputation regarding performance. Whether you intend on taking the entire family or a group of friends to the best destinations in the Mediterranean or simply enjoying a romantic getaway, this is the vessel for all occasions.

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anvera 55s power yacht speeding along the coast of Italy

Source: Robb Report

Here are some of the facts and figures on the Anvera 55S.

  • Hull Type – Single Hull
  • Length 16.76 meters
  • Beam 5.65 meters
  • Draft – 0.85 meters
  • Water Capacity – 400 Litres
  • Deck Material GRP

Brilliance ahead on the Anvera 55S

anvera 55s anchored on a sunny day


Unlike any ordinary sailing boat, you should find the Anvera 55S is truly one of a kind. With its special stern, the side wings are designed to fold out and even turn down to maintain a 200 square foot open space near the rear of a stylish cockpit. This feature ensures a comfortable travelling experience with a capacity of up to eight or ten people. This area may also serve as a great platform for more than five loungers or even an open dance floor depending on the occasion. Yes, you will have no trouble dining, drinking, or partying like there is no tomorrow aboard this wonderful cruising vessel.

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Delving Deeper the Anvera 55S

There is absolutely no doubt, the Anvera 55S radiates elegance and has been attracting sailors from all over the globe for a good reason. For example, the three bolster style racing seats are highly desirable for every captain, and guest aboard as these seats allow for a bird’s eye view in every direction. It also proves to be a defining feature as it adds to the relaxation and enjoyment while cruising the seas.

Smoothest Water Glider

anvera 55s gliding

Source: Propel Yachts

As for performance, the first thing you will notice is the fluidity of movement while sailing. In fact, this is very special in that the construction also makes it more affordable. For instance, the Anvera has a 650 horsepower Diesel which can run at a scorching hot measurement of 47 knots on the water surface.  As with any owner of an Anvera boats, the Anvera 55 S surpasses expectations with its strong and lightweight build. Safety and satisfaction are guaranteed with its durability in unimaginable sea conditions and on top of this, the speed does not make it less efficient regarding fuel. Interestingly, while on a moderate track, the Anvera 55S consumes just 1.6 gallons per hour at 40 knots.

Attractive Accommodation

friends relaxing and sun tanning on an Anvera 55s

Source: Propel Yachts

The Anvera 55S provides the perfect platform for an exceptional experience. It has quality stainless steel trim and pleats throughout, and the use of teak is particularly nice. Another highlight is how the luxury and delight allures in every angle of the well-regarded cruising vessel. Also, the carbon fibre components of the yacht accentuate its superior quality and performance. Perfect for sports and leisure, the exquisite design and durability provide an excellent trip for anyone aboard. Moreover, the arrow based technology brings every passenger to a different level of speed, luxury, and comfort.

Anvera 55S, Gem at Hand

Through the exceptional efforts of the same Ferretti Group executive which introduced some of the greatest boats of all time, the Anvera 55S is truly worth every single dime. It is also a perfect example of how an extremely fast yet incredibly safe vehicle on the sea. Yes, this incredible sailing vessel promises a sleek adventure in a comfortable environment but let us not forget the real attraction of this vessel which is how it manages to crossover between two very different styles with absolute ease.

Take a look at this short review footage about the powerful RIB Anvera 55s in the video below:

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