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Sailing in Easter: Stay Home or Explore New Destinations on a Boat

Sailing in Easter: Stay Home or Explore New Destinations on a Boat

When it comes to sailing in Easter, the process is really no different than any time of year, but procrastination or family commitments can often get in the way. That is to say unless you are pencilled in to have a meal or get-together with the family, there is nothing stopping you from putting the sailing packing list together and making plans.

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While many of the best sailing destinations are found close to home, it must be said that travelling to an exotic part of the world is usually more exciting. With this in mind, here are five new destinations to explore on a boat:

Exotic destinations to explore on a boat:

The Caribbean

boats sailing in the magical blue waters of the Carribean

source: Audley Travel

As you might expect, the Caribbean is the most popular sailing destination for North Americans in particular and offers a sublime mix of scenery, food, and fine weather. At the same time, this is also quite an exciting place to go sailing in Easter, for the Grenadines is host to the Easter Regatta which features a wide variety of events and entertainment for all ages. Furthermore, this is an easy place to charter a yacht, and the selection is of the highest standard possible.

Sicily (Italy)

an amazing view of a small coastal town in Sicily Italy

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source: TripIndulge

Tuscany and Corsica are popular places for sailing in Italy, but the truth is, nowhere compares to Sicily. Featuring a typical Mediterranean climate and pristine ocean, the conditions are perfect for sailing, and many visitors choose to return to this region year after year. Furthermore, the stunning coastline is dotted with charming harbours, and each one is home to a range of traditional eateries, vibrant cafés and enchanting villages.

Ionian Islands (Greece)

an aerial view of the Ionian Islands in Greece

source: Dalyan Yachting

Just south of the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Islands is another fine sailing destination in Europe which is easily accessed from many nearby countries. That being said, Athens is the most convenient place from which to start, and from here, visitors can sail to stunning islands such as Ithaca and Corfu. Greece is also one of the most historical destinations to explore so you can expect ancient remnants and fascinating stories in between some truly memorable sailing.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

a magical flyby of Croatian city of Dubrovnik

source: Holiday Hypermarket

Croatia is another hotspot for sailing and one which seems to be growing at an exponential rate. Indeed, travellers are quickly learning that the conditions and facilities are perfect for sailing while the opportunity to travel the coast all the way to Croatia makes for an exciting adventure. If visitors do not have so much time for sailing in Easter, even a trip around the Croatian Islands is a great way to escape the noise and uncover some local culture.

Balearic Islands (Spain)

marvelous and exotic sail boats by the Balearic Islands in Spain

source: Azamara Club Cruises

Most travellers are completely unaware that the Balearic Islands are overflowing with natural beauty. Indeed, visitors arrive in search of sandy beaches and five-star resorts, but the landscape and surroundings are also nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether exploring volcanoes on Lanzarote or majestic lagoons in the Canary Islands; there is no end of scenery to explore and each island is well accustomed to hosting visiting charter yachts.

Are you taking to the ocean this Easter? What sailing destinations do you recommend? Please let us know in the comments!

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