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Sailing Route: Sail Away on a Chartered Yacht from Pula, Croatia

The Route: (Veruda Pula- Mali Losinj – Rab – Cres – Medulin – Brijuni – Vrsar- Veruda Pula)

We have lauded Croatia’s beauty countless times before and the fact that the country holds great surprises for sailors needs no repeating. However, there is still much to be said about the sailing options available for anyone wishing to charter a yacht in Croatia. While we may have touched on the southern Dalmatian gems in the past, today we’re concentrating our sailing tips on Istria, a region in the north of the country. There is a reason why Istria (Istra to Croats) is heart-shaped: it’s bursting with beauty to share, with little coves and nooks to discover and with enough culture and food to revel in for the whole duration of your sailing holiday.

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To make your life much easier as you sail away on your yacht charter in the beautiful country of Croatia, we’re going to detail the ideal route you should take when visiting Istria. It starts and ends with the stunning Veruda Pula.


central view of the Pula Arena and marina with boats sailing

source: Reddit

Pula is a city that has been conquered, invaded, destroyed and rebuilt more times than should be possible and yet today it stands, a proud witness to the changing times and the force this brings with it. Sail into the large harbor and glance up at the Roman Amphitheatre overlooking the entire area. It once housed 20,000 spectators and deadly gladiators and even today, spectators can rock the night away with their favorite bands!

Mali Losinj

boats sailing down Mali Losinj at sundown


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Sail on to Mali Losinj where you will be greeted by a large natural harbor and a promenade. Quaint houses reminiscent of Tuscany perhaps will watch on as you make your way slowly through the harbor. The area of Losinj will have you smelling of lemons, lavender, and olive as you take in the beautiful natural spaces and indulge in their fantastic cuisine.


island of Rab and its coastal architecture

source: Thousand Wonders

Powerful, ancient walls will welcome you as you approach the city of Rab. Named after the city, the whole island of Rab is an adventure with some of the best beaches in the area to discover and dive in. Paradise beach is one such place, aptly named and sure to give any visitor hours of relaxed indulgence.


many boats docked in the marina of Cres islandsource: Youtube/Saluto-Team

Nothing beats the blue sea at the island of Cres as you seem to glide onwards on your trip. Cres holds the same historical allure as pretty much the entire region, with towers and fortified walls to frame your photo snaps. Cres Town’s seafront is a number of mismatched houses that huddle charmingly together and give a feel of rustic beauty to the whole area.


forest in Medulin Croatia overlooking its beach and lagoon

source: ArenaCamps

The Medulin municipality is a small one with a tiny population and a big heart. The sea is a beautiful shade of dark aquamarine. Enjoy a cocktail at one of the resorts and take the time to lull yourself to sleep on your yacht. The beaches are in abundance but if you don’t fancy the crowds, enjoy the spectacular views (and sea) from your yacht.


the topaz blue waters surrounding the lush green Brijuni Islands in Croatia

source: Unforgettable Croatia

The Brijuni islands are a group of 14 islands. Whoever said there is strength in numbers had it right when it comes to this gorgeous collection. Apart from offering shelter for the visiting boats, Brijuni is also a lush green landscape from end to end. From above they look like small green pods. From up close, Brijuni is a wonder to behold and to discover.


a resort located of Vrsar Croatia

source: Motorhome Full Time

End your trip with a relaxing visit to Vrsar, a small fishing town in the region of Istria. Take to the shore and walk up its winding roads until you reach the peak of the hill. Spend an afternoon in one of the lovely restaurants which the island boasts of, and wait for the sunset. It’s been called one of the most beautiful in the entire region.

Your return to Pula marks the end of your magical Croatian trip. From delicious dishes to gorgeous sunsets to rival the very sea and beaches it embraces, you’re spoilt for beautiful memories. Make sure you charter your yacht to this part of Croatia with Book2Sail. Our love for sailing will ensure you will have only the very best experiences – those we wouldn’t mind revisiting over and over again…

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