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Fancy Improving Your Sailing? Check out These Fantastic Simulators.

Fancy Improving Your Sailing? Check out These Fantastic Simulators.

Whether you sail as a hobby or plan to participate in a race someday, sailing simulators is an excellent way to learn more about sailing from the comfort of your own home. In fact, these fantastic simulators require the minimal amount of time and effort, for they can be accessed online with little more than a reasonably fast internet connection. From basic skills to nautical navigation, these are practical tools which can help you get to grips with various aspects of sailing, without having to worry about the consequences.

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Here are just a few of the best simulators to help improve your sailing from home:

Best Sailing Simulators on the Market:

Sail Simulator

Sail Simulator

source: YouTube

Sail Simulator is arguably one of the most realistic sailing simulators on the market, and while the graphics may leave a little to be desired, the simplicity and accuracy more than make up for it. In fact, there are many race formats from which to choose and an exciting multiplayer which allows players to pit their wits against each other online. Featuring an impressive navigation process and endless statistics, this is also a great chance to hone sailing skills in a short amount of time.


Sailaway - The Sailing Simulator

source: Sailaway

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Sailaway gives new and advanced sailors the opportunity to explore quite an accurate world. Travelling across the Pacific, the time frame is also accurate with the journey taking months to complete. Wave behaviour changes with the location and night skies are such a beautiful integration to this wonderful sailing similar. Furthermore, there is an exciting group chat which allows players to communicate with other sailors and even join forces for long distance expeditions.

Nautic Ed

Nautic Ed a sailing simulator

source: Afloat

Nautic Ed has perfectly created a sailing experience which combines a full range of onboard experiences with quite an accurate reflection of life on the ocean. While there is an opportunity for beginners to get involved, there is also an option with Nautic Ed which consists of a much more advanced gameplay option in which players can test their sailing knowledge to the max. All considered this is a more traditional sailing simulator and better suited to those wishing to learn more about sailing rather than feel impressed with the visuals.

Learn Basic Sailing Skills

As mentioned, if you have little knowledge of sailing yet, you are interested to learn more about it, the use of sailing simulators is a great place to start. In most cases, these simulators will teach you some of the basics of sailing and even provide insight into the history of sailing. Featuring an accurate reflection of life on the ocean, ample statistics and impressive visuals, these simulators are both educational and enjoyable while the overall experience is certainly beneficial for those new to sailing.

From navigation and onboard duties, sailing simulators are a good way to prepare for a voyage, but at the very least, they offer an excellent introduction to an incredibly enjoyable way to pass the time.

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