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10 of the World’s Best Tropical Destinations for Sailing Adventures

10 of the World’s Best Tropical Destinations for Sailing Adventures

Ah – to sail, it is like soaring, but without wings. Like dreaming but with eyes wide open. Very few things in life can rival the emotions that swell up along with our sails. For many of us, sailing is a way of life. It’s about guiding and being guided in equal measure, a play of giving and taking – exactly what life is meant to be about. While the destination is only half the fun, we can list a handful that really takes this experience that much closer to paradise. Have you been to any?

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  1. Bay of Islands, New Zealand

green covered tropical hills and emerald green beaches with boats sailing in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand

source: Bay of Islands Travel Guide

New Zealand, the birthplace of some of the best sailors in the world and the highest per capita rate of boat ownership in the world. It is no wonder, therefore, that one of the most beautiful sailing spots in the world is found here, with its aquamarine waters, endless coves, virgin islands and an abundance of seafood.

  1. The British Virgin Islands

fleet of yachts sailing and cruising the tropical sandy beaches of The British Virgin Islands

source: Travel and Leisure

With 40 islands scattered across the crystal sea, there will never be a dull moment for you here. As the pearly beaches glisten beneath the hot sun, enjoy a laid-back cruise against a sensational backdrop of rich foliage and a seabed bursting with life.

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  1. French Polynesia

green covered tropical mountains with magical blue waters and traditional resorts in French Polynesia with boats sailing

source: Wilderness Travel

You will feel like you’ve wandered into one of the many brochures you’ve seen back home. Waters so clear you could trace every line of the seabed, charming huts extending over the water and at night, a multitude of stars shining so brilliantly you will feel you would be able to touch them if you only extended your hand…

  1. The Grenadines

yachts headed for the The Grenadines

source: Sailing Europe

Ideal sailing conditions make this group of 32 islands in the south Caribbean the perfect spot, even for beginners. Sail across ever-changing landscapes and admire the rich sea life while soaking in the culture of the people living here. You will not find throngs of visitors here, which make it an ideal destination for a relaxing break.

  1. Galapagos Islands

a wondrous secluded beach and vivid landscapes of the Galapagossource: TRVL

The Galapagos Islands are most famous for having inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution. And with good reason: these tiny islands are bursting with wildlife, with giant turtles, sea lions, penguins and a myriad of other species. This archipelago however also offers tourists and unforgettable sailing experience though be warned: it might get busy.

  1. Zanzibar

boats sailing in shallow emerald green waters seen from the beach resort in the distance

source: Tanzania Odyssey 

Step back in time with a sailing trip to Zanzibar, where the food will leave your taste buds tingling and glorious sunsets will crown your stay here. Slice through the crystalline waters and dip your toes in one of their renowned diving sites. If you’re feeling adventures, climb aboard the traditional dhow for a truly unique experience.

  1. Key West Florida

Key West Florida aerial view


Sail to the southernmost tip of continental US and make the most of the winter months. Snorkel at the Dry Tortugas National Park or catch the exhilarating Key West Race Week at the end of January. There’s an abundance of activities to take part in, both on land and on the sea.

  1. Whitsundays, Australia

friends suntanning on a beach while a yacht is cruising on Whitsundays in Australia

source: RTW Backpackers

74 islands, clement weather and seas the colour of a rare sapphire. All this and more await you on your trip to Whitsundays, part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Reef does not need any introduction; visitors are treated to the richest seabed in the world. Go snorkelling or dive with a multitude of sea creatures.

  1. Windward Islands, Caribbean

sailboats docked in a marina by a lagoon of Windward Islands in the Caribbean

source: ThoughtCo

As the sunrise turns the sky a pearly pink and puts into stark contrast the steep hills, ease back into a peaceful reverie. While The Grenadines are the southerly islands, the northern islands of Windward in the Caribbean offer just as much beauty in their unspoilt state.

  1. Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

wonderful scenery of rocky islands and emerald beaches in Phang Nga Bay in Thailand

source: 1 Photo 1 Day

The large rock structures jutting out of the sea look like they have been sculpted by a mighty hand, leaving you speechless and in awe as you cruise around them. Enjoy this unique landscape and make the most of the hidden caves scattered around the Bay.

The world has a spot for every sailor: the adventurer and the meek, the seasoned and the amateur. Keep in mind all the things you love when you choose your next destination and you will be rewarded tenfold. It is just one of the many reasons why we love to sail – its ability to surprise us every time.

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