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Skippered Yacht Charters Are More Affordable Than You Think

Skippered Yacht Charters Are More Affordable Than You Think

Maybe you don’t want to spend most of your time worrying about the yacht, checking navigation or making sure everything is tied up. Maybe you want your vacation to feel like an actual vacation and take time to relax or unwind rather than stay focused on steering everyone to safety. If any of this sound familiar, chartering a yacht is still not a bad idea – you just need a skipper. After all yacht charters are definitely the best way to see any destination and choosing a skippered yacht charter can further enhance this experience in so many ways.

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However, many people assume that a skippered yacht charter is expensive and therefore out of the question, but the truth is, they are a lot more affordable than you might think and besides, the advantages far outweigh any monetary cost to have one on board.

What is a skippered yacht charter?


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Okay, most people understand the role of a skipper, but for the purpose of clarity, the skipper takes full control of your yacht charter. Furthermore, these are fully qualified skippers who are tried and trusted by the provider to ensure you have the best time possible.

In this sense, a skippered yacht charter gives you all the benefits that come with chartering a yacht and the freedom to focus on spending time with fellow passengers or enjoying the scenery. This is obviously possible because you will never have to worry about navigation, mooring, or any other aspect that comes with a sailing adventure.

Advantages of a skippered yacht charter

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As you might expect, there are many advantages to having a skipper on board the boat and here are just a few to keep in mind:

  • As already mentioned, you no longer need to worry about the technicalities that come with chartering a yacht.
  • Zero stress is involved, given that the skipper knows how to deal with any issue or problem that may arise.
  • As you will have a fully qualified skipper, you will not need any license to charter the boat.
  • You have an experienced skipper from which you can learn more about sailing. In fact, if you have your own license, you can test drive the yacht in the safe company of a professional.
  • Skippers are usually locals and know a lot more about the region in which you are sailing. Think more hidden treasures, less touristy spots and destinations that only an insider would know about.
  • Having a skipper leaves you with ample time to enjoy the scenery, relax and spend time with family or friends.

Affording a skippered yacht charter

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Yes, it does cost more to have a skipper on board, but when you consider the endless rewards for having this luxury, the cost can seem quite insignificant. That being said, these advantages will often make the prospect of a skippered yacht charter seem expensive, but the truth is that the competitive nature of yachting has produced a wide variety of options at surprisingly affordable prices.

It may not be for everyone, especially highly experienced sailors, but skippered yacht charters are a near-perfect option for a stress-free sailing trip and should you still have concern for the costs involved, stop wasting time and check out some of the affordable skippered yacht charters available.


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