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The Best Sailboats For Beginners

The Best Sailboats For Beginners

Sailing is a fun activity for people of all experience levels. In fact, learning to sail a basic boat is relatively easy – in the right environment, you can start sailing with minimal experience.

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However, the idea of a beginner commanding a 55-foot boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a bit ridiculous. Even though virtually everyone can sail, beginners should learn the basics in a controlled environment, and on the correct boat.

Boat size doesn’t necessarily affect its beginner-friendliness, because sailors need to take into account factors such as rig simplicity and handling characteristics.

Many beginners make the mistake of picking the wrong boat to begin with, which can lead to frustration and turn them off of sailing forever. To mitigate these issues, this article will cover the best sailboats for beginners, so you can get on the water and start sailing safely and comfortably.


  Lateen Rig

There are many types of sailboat rigging, and some are more beginner-friendly than others. Unfortunately, some of the most aesthetically pleasing rigs are also the most complicated.

Eventually, sailors can acquire enough skill to master complex rigs, but it’s best to start simple.

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Arguably, one of the simplest sailing rigs is the Lateen Rig. This rig consists of a mast, boom, and spar, along with a single halyard and mainsheet. With only two ropes in its simplest configuration, the Lateen Rig makes a best starter sailboat.

For larger boats, the Bermuda Sloop rig is an excellent choice. This rig is quite common and includes a jib for a larger sail plan. For those who desire a slightly more robust (but single sail) layout, the gaff-rigged catboat is also an excellent choice. This versatile craft (and rig) has a large and relatively simple single sail, which is easier to handle than multiple sails.



These are secure and easy providing step – learning rates, training manufacturing. There are several various sailing boats typically used in sailing clubs and training centers.

These sailboats with different sails and trapeze options are designed for beginners in sailing who never had long journey experience on the water, intermediate skippers and certainly for families to develop their sailing and steering skills.



Only one person is needed to sail in single-handers. You can then operate the boat and propel the boat yourself which enhances your learning and experience. Additionally, without anyone else, you can do whatever you want.



These sailboats need the steering and handling of two persons. Most of these sailboats have a spinnaker, mainsail, jib. You can spend your time with another on the sea in double handers, and also learn from him.



Dinghy sailboats are specifically designed for cruising. Therefore, these are the perfect sailing boats for cruising in the creek with your family or friends, as well as the sea.


Picking a sailboat for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult. Before deciding on a boat, consider your experience level and location. If you only have access to the rough ocean, it may not be the best idea to get an open dinghy. Also, consider your budget. If you’re looking for a $50 sailboat, you can probably find one, but it won’t be ideal. If you have just a few thousand dollars to spend, you can set yourself up nicely with a little research. Also, consider what you want to do with the sailboat. Recreation, fishing, cruising, and exploration are options and require different kinds of boats. Whichever you end up choosing, make sure you try it out and can sail it comfortably.

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