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Timeless Nautical Fashions

Timeless nautical fashion

Ahoy sailor! Preparing for a new sailing season? This time, you must do it in style. We want to show you a few timeless fashion pieces inspired by sailors, that made their way into everyday fashion and will make you look chick from deck to dock.

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One of the most recognizable nautical fashion pieces, without a doubt, is the Breton striped shirt. Did you know that this famous shirt was once a prescribed seaman`s uniform? Styled for the practicality, with its wide boat neckline, it became popular with workers in Breton, as it was so easy to wear. The reason this shirt is perpetually in style is that is comfortable, simple, and looks good with pretty much everything – from white shorts to high waisted skirts and jeans. The best thing is – it`s unisex! For a night out on the land, the gentlemen can combine the shirt with linen pants, while the ladies can go for a light dress in the same Breton pattern.

Paul A. Sperry`s dog was the inspiration for the perfect deck shoes! The way the dog run easily without slipping, made Sperry cut siping patterns into his shoe soles, thus creating the boat shoes. And what does the perfect boating shoes look like? Typically, they`re made of leather or canvas, because they need to be waterproof and to dry quickly, considering that, on deck, THEY WILL get wet.  The best deck shoes should not pick up rocks or sand and have non-marking soles, so they won`t damage the deck.

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In the past, boat shoes were a sign of prestige (owning boating shoes usually indicates a person that owns a boat with a deck large enough to walk around on), but in the mid-80s they became a fashion trend that remained in style. This kind of shoes are both comfortable and fashionable and are perfect for a casual and effortless look for both men and women. Gentlemen, you must wear them without socks, and ladies, you can change in high wedge espadrilles for a more polished look when you go off board.

You may think that, onboard, the best pants would be shorts, and if you do choose that kind of clothing, go with cotton or linen shorts. But you will be more stylish if you wear long trousers. Ever wondered why sailors used to wear bell-bottoms? The flared legs on bell-bottom pants were originally a functional design that allowed the pants to be easily rolled up out of the way when the deck was wet and messy. You don`t have to channel the 60s and 70s hippie fashion, just remember that the wider pants, the more comfortable you`ll feel, and you won`t sweat if you chose a cotton or linen material. Bell-bottoms also fit in with the unisex style, as both men and women wore them.

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The Peacoat is the perfect outerwear to complete your nautical style. It was once an elemental part of the naval uniform, that transformed into an iconic piece in men`s fashion. Generally made of wool, so that it would protect the sailors from the cold wind and heavy rains, broad lapels to protect the face, double-breasted fronts, large buttons, and vertical or slash pockets, it`s clear why it became so popular among common people.

You may ask, a wool coat for a summer cruise? Oh yes. Wool garments are naturally breathable, allow air to flow naturally, and will prevent you from overheating. And remember, nights on the open sea can be cold. However, if you`re not a fan of heavy materials, you can always go for a lighter, cotton made coat with double-breasted fronts, that will resemble the peacoat. And, hey, it`s also a unisex style that fits well both men and women.

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To complete your nautical outfit, you must spice it up with accessories.

It may seem like adding more pieces of fabric to your uniform when you’re in a humid environment seems unreasonable, but the neckerchief actually helps keep you cool.

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Tied around your neck, it protects your skin from sweat, and if you tie it around your wrist you can use it to wipe your face. Ladies, you can borrow one form your partner, and use it as a hairband ?

And the cherry on top of, well you, is the straw hat. Choose between a Panama hat, boater hat, or a simple straw fedora. As long as it`s made of natural materials (you don`t want to pollute the water if the wind accidentally blows it off of your head), and protects you from the sun, it`s a good choice.

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