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Top 5 Largest Yacht Berths in The World

Largest marinas in the world

Yachts can be docked in many different places around the world, but which countries have the largest yacht berths? There are many ports dotted all around the world that offer a large number of berths. With more ports opening up to yachts, it can be difficult to decide on the best berth. So where can these impressive yacht berths be found? Take a look below and consider chartering a yacht to at least one of these special destinations:

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Port de Saint Tropez

aerial view of St Tropez marina  yacht berths

Source: Emaze

Home to more than seven hundred berths, Saint Tropez is the ideal destination if you wish to leave your yacht somewhere stylish. Thought to be one of the largest ports in the world, Port de Saint Tropez is often visited by movie stars and international celebrities, making it the ideal destination if you wish to go celebrity-spotting. Saint Tropez welcomes cruise ships from all around the world, making this beautiful part of France a diverse and exhilarating place to be.

Porto Montenegro

yachts docked at the marina of Porto Montenegro on a sunset

Source: Porto Montenegro

Found in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, the port has recently extended its berth by an additional 250 meters. Thought to be the largest in the area, the port is the ideal destination for superyachts that are less than 250 meters long. Smaller yachts and other crafts can also be left here. If you love to add a touch of luxury to your time away, head to Porto Montenegro.

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Port Vauban

fleet of yachts docked on the Port Vauban marina

Source: Pexels

Found on the coast of France, Port Vauban is a renowned destination that can house more than 100 yachts that are more than 23 meters long, with some of the berths able to accommodate yachts that are 165 meters in length.

Thought to be one of the best yachting destinations in the world, Port Vauban has exceptional boating facilities and is a much sought-after location.

Marina di Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo yacht berths


Found in Sardinia, and fairly remote the port is the perfect destination for anyone who likes a bit of privacy. With 700 berths, you will not be alone on your trip to Sardinia, but you won’t be surrounded by superyachts as only small boats can access the port,

Thought to be one of the best-equipped ports in the Mediterranean, Marina di Porto Cervo has facilities that allow yacht owners to repair their boats should they need to.

Yacht Haven Grande

Found in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Yacht Haven Grande is the ideal location for yachts that are up to 200 meters long. With a wide range of facilities available for the crew, guests, and owners, Yacht Haven Grande has a shopping mall nearby, a chandlery, laundry, and many other facilities, making Yacht Haven Grande one of the best yachting destinations in the world.

If you would like to sail your yacht somewhere special, head to one of the best yacht berths that are listed above. Make the most of the facilities offered by the ports, and enjoy the local area as your yacht rests on the waters in a port that is big enough for everyone.

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