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Travel As A Super Yacht Steward/Ess – Oh The Places You’ll Go!

It’s no secret: there are jobs that come with certain perks that are hard to match. Granted, these are not the same for everyone. Some people need a routine to keep them sane and grounded, something they can plan around and pretty much predicts all year round. But for those who yearn for different adventures every day, for the chance to visit different places and people, then a job onboard a luxury super yacht might be just what the doctor ordered.

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Super yachts are playgrounds for billionaires. These boats steered on their whims and fancies so that you might be cruising around the French Riviera one night and waking up to a hot espresso in Capri the day after. Sure, you won’t be the one making demands and what’s more, you’ll be the one serving the espresso rather than drinking it. But the pros far outweigh the cons, as you’ll discover for yourself. You’ll find that what you don’t enjoy from being a steward or stewardess on board a super yacht will be eclipsed by the encounters you’ll make when in season and cruising around the world.

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You’ll make port on islands you never even knew existed. From Caribbean islands so small you’ll believe you have the islands all to yourself, to strangely-named archipelagos in the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe these places have been around when you were too busy booking trips to London, Washington or Paris. You will feel you have gone off the grid, sneaking into deserted beaches with not a soul in sight, or cruising the infinite blue, the sole living presence amidst the wilderness of the ocean. From Selimiye, a quaint little fishing village in southern Turkey, to Hydra in Greece where anyone can feel like a god of old as you take in the surroundings. Then on to Mljet in Croatia where Odysseus spent a good seven years before making his way once more to his hometown in Ithaca. All this in a week’s job.

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As a steward/ess, your main duty on board the yacht is to make the experience of the charterers smoother and more enjoyable. While this might mean being at their beck and call and making sure the yacht is spotless before their return from a day out, it also means the yacht becomes your home and the crew your family. There are days when the sea will be rough or the owners particularly unpleasant because of it, but making sure they’re happy and provided for is a team effort and you will come to appreciate the crew in more ways than one.

Not unlike the explorers of old (perhaps slightly more knowledgeable), you’ll get the chance to visit and experience things you would have otherwise only speculated about. From front row seats at the Antigua sailing week to sunsets which are the envy of every professional photographer, working on a super yacht comes with merits beyond the usual end of year bonus. It’s making money while seeing some of the most beautiful parts of the world – and that is more than many of us can account for.

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