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Watermelon Sailing and Party Week: Sailing at Its Best (Video)

One of the things that we truly believe here at Book2Sail is that nothing brings people closer together more than a memorable sailing trip and the team behind Bleumarin Sailing seems to be of the same opinion too.

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Bleumarin Sailing organize fun party sailing trips and events to unique destinations with their Watermelon Sailing and Party Week generating a substantial amount of interest. Through this video, we are offered a glimpse into their Watermelon Off to Greece # 3 sailing trip around the Sporades Islands in September 2016. Impressively this trip included 14 boats and a total of 130 people experiencing the beauty of these Grecian islands for seven gloriously relaxing days.

Watermelon Stories: Jack’s journey from Bleumarin Sailing on Vimeo.

Throughout the video clip, viewers can experience this sailing trip from the perspective of the charismatic skipper Jack Royds as he explains that sailing has always been his lifelong guiding passion. The clip goes on to provide an image upon image of carefree holidaymakers diving into the crystal-clear water, lounging around on quirky inflatable floater, chasing each other with water pistols and basically just having a wonderful time.

The Sporades Islands make a striking first impression with their leisurely beachside al fresco restaurants, stretches of pristine coast and quintessential Mediterranean landscapes. They also provide the perfect backdrop for sunset chillout music sessions which slowly fade into full-blown night-time parties complete with pumping beats, more than a few crowd-pleasing tunes and even some spectacular fireworks.  The setting is ideal for those who are interested in meeting new people and immersing themselves in the famed Greek island lifestyle where the summers just seem to linger on.

We think that the team behind Bleumarin Sailing is doing a great job and frankly, we cannot think of a better idea for an unforgettable summer holiday.

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