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What Do You Wear While Sailing In Summer?

What Do You Wear While Sailing In Summer?

There is nothing better than enjoying a sunny summer day on the water. Compared to the cold weather sailing gear, summer sailing does not require that “specialized” sailing equipment. Nevertheless, selecting the right apparel and accessories is key to keeping you comfortable and having fun while cruising.

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When it comes to sailing attire, you may already know what to wear on a boat when it’s cold, but what about summertime? These boating clothes is a bit different than the one you wear in winter. So in case you are wondering what you should consider, think about looking at something like rash guards, head wear or UV protective items. Take a look at the full checklist on what to wear while sailing in summer.

Life Jackets

A comfortable, well-fitting life jacket is a must for spending time on the water. No matter the season, you should always look for this sailboat attire. Be careful for it to be US Coast Guard approved and to fit comfortably. It should allow a full range of arm movement and should be sleek across the upper torso.

Rash Guards and UV Technical Shirt

When it comes to sailboat clothing, no matter the weather, the key functions of a top are to protect you. The boating clothes you wear in summer has to protect you from the sun and to keep you cool. In addition to this, there are two recommended tops for warm weather – a rush guard, also known as spandex top, or a technical shirt.

Rash guards are made of a combination of nylon, spandex, and polyester. They are designed to provide UV protection while remaining lightweight, durable and quick drying. Compared to a regular shirt, they tend to have a snug fit. Therefore, rash guards are one of the best sailing clothes around seamen who move around the boat quite a bit.

As an alternative, you can buy a technical shirt that is made from polyester and they offer similar UV protection and moisture-wicking to keep you cool. If you ask what do you wear when sailing, you should know that you need to avoid cotton fabrics, same as other outdoor activities.

Sailing summer clothes, hat, jacket

Sailing summer clothes, hat, jacket

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Combine your rash guard with a pair of shorts. A pair of trusty board shorts are a staple for summer sailing for many seamen. You can also take lightweight spandex shorts. Best sailing pants for women and men are those without cotton.

Headwear and Eye Protection

A good hat and sunglasses are a part of proper sailing attire. The hat is a must to keep the sun off your head and it allows you to focus on what is happening on the water. Depending on your style, you can choose a lightweight, technical sailing cap, or wide-brim hats, visors, and buffs.

The sunglasses provide protection from harmful UV rays and reduce glare so you can focus on your sailing. The sailing specific sunglasses offer a polarized lens and floating frame material so you are less likely to lose them.


A proper pair of boots or other close-toed shoes are often required. The sailing boots are highly recommended because they tend to work even when you are sailing in rain, so they should be a part of your sailing kit.

Spray Gear and Wetsuit

Speaking of best sailing clothes, a waterproof spray top or smock is a great layer to carry with you to offer protection from rainy days. The waterproof material can be sticky against the skin in warm water, so it is a smart idea to wear the spray geat over your rash guard in order to improve breathability and to keep you comfortable.

When it comes to the wetsuit, having it as a part of your summer sailing kit is often a matter of local sailing conditions. If you are sailing in the ocean or anywhere where the water temperature is low, you might need to balance your gear from warm air to cold water. A full-length skiff suit can offer leg and core protection while letting your upper body stay cool. So it should be a part of your summer sailing clothes.

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