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What Nautical Themed Jewelry Are You?

Best nautical theme jewelry

The sea world has always been a source of inspiration for jewelry designers and artists. In fact, the nautical-themed jewelry is not something new in the fashion world. It emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, in the 60s, and it`s resurfacing every summer, stronger than before.

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A man wearing nautical-themed jewelry is not old fashioned, far from it! To wear such an accessorie is to wake this trendy man who sleeps inside you. Indeed, these accessories are there to make the difference or to assert your personality in a subtle way. A necklace, a bracelet, a watch or a ring, everything lies in the details and the combination. Nautical jewelry will be your ally in whatever style you choose: hippie chic, boho, hipster, classic or casual.

Want to slip into the role of a Caribbean pirate in the blink of an eye? Would Johnny Depp still be the same Johnny without all of his jewelry? His talent is unquestionable, but his personality radiates through his accessories.

A leather bracelet with an anchor or a marine knot bracelet will give a certain look to the one who wears it.

Show off your authentic side with original fashion accessories. Impossible to go wrong, the nautical themed jewelry has the wind in it`s back!


nautical themed hook rope bracelet by sailormade
A natural and nautical hook bracelet with hook made from solid brass. Part of the Coral Collection designed in collaboration with Thursday Born’s jewelry designer Joey Modica.

SQUARE KNOT BRACELET by Constantin Nautics

nautical themed square knot bracelet by Constantin Nautics

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These bracelets are unisex accesories made out of high quality materials used in yachting and sailing – ROPES (support ropes) and stainless steel key locks (special nautical locks). The bracelet is a simple and elegant and can be worn with sport, smart, or casual outfits.


nautical themed Compass cuff links by Dune Jewelry

For travelers, the compass symbolizes guidance and has the ability to point you in the right direction. Embark on an extraordinary adventure with these sterling silver compass cufflinks handmade with sand or natural elements from a location that holds good fortune, captures your memories of home, or guides you to love and friendship. Find your True North.

ANCHOR PENDANT by The Black Bow Jewelry & Co.

nautical themed Anchor Pendant by The Black Bow Jewelry & Co

As a symbolic emblem or a traditional nautical icon, this solid anchor will take you deck you out in high fashion with its 14k yellow gold design.


nautical themed Big Brummel necklace by Sailormade

Wear your Brummels like a badge of honor. The military-inspired Big Brummel necklace has contrasting Big Brummels like tags with a nautical twist.


nautical themed Brady LEATHER BRACELET by Old Skipper

Made of genuine nautical rope, leather + stainless steel, with charm that contains semi-precious stones, and the anchor lock is made of stainless steel, the Brady bracelet is for the people with a heart of courage. You know who you are, you know who your loved ones are and you’re prepared to fight battles for them.

TORTUGA RING by Clocks and colours

nautical themed TORTUGA RING by Clocks and colours

In the early 1600s, the Caribbean island of Tortuga was infamously known as a popular destination for pirates. Men of debatable moral character came from around the world to rob European ships blind while drinking rum by the barrel. Let this detailed compass ring help you steer clear of trouble on open waters.

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