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What to Buy While Sailing in Spain

If you’re anything like us, then a tacky fridge magnet does not classify as an adequate memento of your travels, at all. However, it is great to take home something that is both representative of the local flavors and your interests. For instance, take Spain. Spain is one of our favorite sailing destinations, the perfect place for a summer getaway, and it also happens to offer an incredible array of items to bring back home. So, we’ve included below (a by no means exhaustive) list of articles that we would be happy to buy while sailing in Spain.

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Espadrilles in Palma de Mallorca

avarcas shoes

Source: The Avarca Store

There are various artisan footwear producers scattered throughout the Balearic Islands who craft handmade leather shoes, sandals, and espadrilles. If your boat shall be making a stop in the beautiful Palma de Mallorca, then we highly recommend Alpargatería La Concepción. This quaint little shop is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of espadrilles: colorful, neutral, flat or wedge. All espadrilles are made on the island, using traditional methods of production and all carry a reasonable price tag.

The Alpargatería also carries a vast selection of handmade avarcas sandals from the sister island, Menorca.

Why Buy: Apart from being a traditional Spanish shoe style, espadrilles also happen to be perennially stylish, versatile, and comfortable too.

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Turrón in Barcelona

Barcelonian turron

Source: Mantel a Cuadros

With a museum dedicated to chocolate, one can say that Barcelona is a city with a sweet tooth. There is certainly a large variety of sweet treats to choose from and one is surely bound to be spoils for choice. However, if we can suggest…do bring back home a few slabs of turrón from La Campana. The renowned confectionery has been making this scrumptious Spanish nougat since 1890 and has as result become synonymous with Barcelona.

La Campana store in Barcelona

Source: Lla Barcelona D’abans, D’avui I de sempre – Blogger

The renowned confectionery has been making this scrumptious Spanish nougat since 1890 and has as result become synonymous with Barcelona. Turrón is a must at any Christmas meal in Spain but it can (luckily) be purchased all year round from La Campana. It is worth noting that only high-quality ingredients such as Marcona almonds and Romero honey are used to produce La Campana turrón.

Why Buy: It’s delicious.

Paella Pan in Valencia

spanish paellaSource: My Recipes

Sadly, it is not feasible to bring back home a big pan of delicious paella, but you can bring back the next best thing: the paella pan. You can find paella pans just about everywhere in Valencia but if your sailing schedule permits it, we recommend veering away from the touristy areas and instead try searching for a neighborhood market where the locals get their house ware.

Why Buy: So that you can impress your friends with your amazing cooking skills (or so we hope, at least).

Ceramics in Malaga

AlfaJar ceramics saloon in Malaga

Source: Alfajar

If your sailing trip shall be taking you to Malaga and you have some time to wander around the city, we recommend picking up a few ceramic pieces to take home with you. The production of clay objects is intrinsically linked to the origins of the city itself and has grown exponentially over the years to encompass a large variety of objects ranging from tiles to items intended for domestic use. We think that Artesanía Alfajar is doing an excellent job of showcasing both traditional styles but more contemporary designs too, all produced by local artisans and craftspeople.

Why Buy: Because it’s unique and you would be contributing directly to the live hood of local craftspeople.

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