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Why we love Catamarans

Yacht chartering equates to an alternative adventure with the most spectacular ocean views. With catamarans, sailing is taken to the next level, and ultimately, it usually lives up to the dreams and expectations of every tourist. Offshore, these sailing vessels offer a comfortable home and safety while underway, they are smooth to operate and very spacious meaning it is a joy to move around on the board. That being said, there are many reasons why Catamarans win the hearts of many sailors and here are the top characteristics that will make you want to rent one for yourself:

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Simple and straightforward

team sailing on a catamaran

Source: Yacht Charter Croatia

Catamarans offer clean and ample space for different activities while on board. These also hold exceptional overhead clearance which further contributes to the safety of a vessel. Most galleys are near-perfect in size and provide an ideal environment that keeps the conversation growing. Amazingly, as the design is always focused on functionality, it also prevents appliances and equipment from heating the interior of the boat.

Compact and comfortable

family enjoys sailing on  a catamaran


Each Catamaran is manufactured to suit every requirement of passengers on board. From the comfortable interiors, features, and unassuming innovations, every corner of this sailing vessel guaranteed to satisfy and maintain a great social space without becoming too crowded. Some are ideal for a group of passengers, but it may also be suitable for an intimate sailing trip for couples.

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Soothing and relaxing

girl relax swimming

Source: Pixabay

The beautiful interior design of the Catamarans features an ambiance which is designed to soothe and relax the busy minds of guests. In fact, passengers are encouraged to simply sit back and enjoy the view of the breathtaking ocean.

luxury interior of a catamaran

Source: Nautique.TV

Also, a more stable sailing experience ensures to alleviate if not to get rid of seasickness for unlucky passengers. Overall, this allows for a rejuvenating and unforgettable experience while chartering a very desirable sailing vessel.

Beach themed Catamaran

catamaran sailing on tropical island with emerald green beach and a clear sunny sky

Source: Needpix

For sea lovers who embrace the sand, sea, and sun; Lagoon Catamarans are a perfect companion. These chartering vessels can offer interiors that blend harmoniously with the surroundings such as the beach themed catamaran which offers many opened windows to let the light in. The lounge and cabins are also bright and airy to give the closest feeling of contact with the surrounding waters. Rest assured, there is plenty of space for passengers to enjoy their sailing trip without falling over each other.

Generous living quarters

saloon of a luxury catamaran

Source: Antares Catamarans

In addition to the ambiance and theme, Lagoon Catamarans also give a feeling of being at home with the size it offers. The modern designs and innovation allow passengers to be at ease and satisfied with the overall privacy and comfort. It is important to know that even the most sociable person also needs a bit of space sometimes. This makes it very important to choose Lagoon Catamarans if you would prefer to still have adequate housing on the sail.

Luxury Providence


Catamaran luxury cabin

Source: Dream Yacht Sales

Most would think that with the limited requirements and basic preference, luxury experience may be compromised. This, however, is not the case with catamarans. There is always a little extra with the features that will surely make every passenger feel special. From the delightful views, windows, interiors, and design, anyone will feel lucky and pampered while under sail.

Excellent performance

people enjoy sailing a catamaran to a tropical island

Source: Virgin Island Sailing

Aside from its beauty, most people are struck by how effortless the catamarans are when it comes to performance. The galley and saloon provide generous space for gatherings, and then the views are always breathtaking with any form or intensity of light. All of these features are symbolic of the amazing performance you can always expect on a Catamaran, and by choosing a well-maintained vessel, you are halfway toward having an unforgettable sailing adventure.

We love Catamarans!

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