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Wilderness Scotland – Sailing and Walking around Scotland’s West Coast (Video)

Sailing around beautiful Scotland’s west coast

We must admit that we are partial to a Mediterranean sailing trip on a gloriously sunny summer day. However, this does not mean that we are not intrigued by sailing further up.

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Wilderness Scotland is and Adventure Travel Company that offers its customers a broad range of holiday options that are centered around outdoor activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, cycling, and kayaking. As a result, adventurers get to experience directly Scotland’s magnificent countryside while knowing that they are being guided by professionals every step of the way. It is also interesting to note that Wilderness Scotland is a stalwart environmental supporter since it is committed to the “leave no trace” principle and has in fact been awarded several accolades for its environmental commitment.

Sailing and Walking on Scotland’s West Coast from Wilderness Scotland on Vimeo.

We must say that this is an admirable traveling concept and we were particularly pleased to get a glimpse of Wilderness Scotland’s sailing holiday. Indeed, customers who choose the sailing option are in for a real treat. Adventurers set sail on a majestically restored traditional 65-foot wooden gaff cutter which serves as their base at night while they explore the spectacular western Scottish isles during the day. The sailing boat is steered by an expert skipper and a first mate while the island walks are all led by experienced guides.

The video clip enables us to experience the unspoiled natural beauty of these islands characteristically peppered with historic landmarks such as cliff-side chapels from a bygone era.  These invigorating island walks are interspersed with a few dives and swims in the lochs that dot the western Scottish coastline.  All along, adventurers can observe the diverse wildlife that populates the land, water, and air.

Seems to us that this is the perfect holiday for the more intrepid traveler who just needs a swimsuit, trekking boots, and fresh air to be happy.

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