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Yacht Charter on the Dalmatian Coast

Dalmatian coast the beauty of Croatia

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, is an ideal starting point to charter a boat and go out and discover some of the most beautiful islands of the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Sailing by boat will give you total freedom of movement as well as the possibility of discovering coves and bays hidden from sight. Whether you are an experienced sailor and rent a charter yacht without a skipper or if you opt for a yacht or a schooner with a skipper and/or crew, the result will be a different kind of vacation that will leave you wanting more.

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Day 1: From Split to Milna (Brac Island)

Day 2: From Milna to Komiza (Vis Island)

Day 3: From Komiza to Vis (Vis Island)

Day 4: From Vis to Pakleni and Hvar Islands

Day 5: From Hvar to Stari Grad (Hvar)

Day 6: From Stari Grad to Maslinica (Solta Island)

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Day 7: From Maslinica to Split

Day 1: From Split to Milna (Brac Island)

Begin your adventure in the city of Split. Charter boats usually leave in the afternoon, so it is perfect for you to take advantage of the morning to discover the treasures of the city. Split is a marine, cheerful and cosmopolitan city. You can`t miss the old World Heritage Site. Walking through the center of Split means doing it inside the Diocletian’s Palace. Its streets are cheerful, bohemian, full of painters, musicians, and street markets. Head to the Split Marina, from where you`ll start your boat trip on the Adriatic Sea for a week and discover some of the most beautiful islands of the Dalmatian coast.

boat cruising and enjoying the view of the coast of Brac Croatia

You can have a quiet route, that will allow you to relax and enjoy. Head south towards Milna Bay on the island of Brac. Milna is a fishing village with a natural harbor very protected from the winds where you can spend the night. There dock at the Marina de Milna, or if the weather allows it to anchor in a nearby cove like Lucice a little further south. There you will find moorings and buoys to enjoy the first night of your sailing holiday. A quiet dinner in the light of the stars doesn`t seem like a bad plan.

Day 2: From Milna to Komiza (Vis Island)

This is the longest stage of your trip. Sailing for about four and a half hours from Milna to Komiza, you`ll reach a fishing village located west of the island of Vis. It`s a good day to enjoy sailing, the sea, and the sea breeze. The island of Vis is the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. It was a military base of the Yugoslavian army and was closed to tourism for many years, because of what the island is in an excellent state of conservation. Intact nature, pine forests, vineyards, authentic fishing villages, tranquility and relaxation in the purest Mediterranean style awaits you upon your arrival on the island of Vis. Without forgetting the true treasure of the island, its paradise beaches, and coves with crystal clear waters. If you had not already done so, it is likely that when you arrive at this place, you will begin to realize that chartering a boat on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia is a unique experience that you will never forget.

small vessel boats for an authentic experience of Vis Island Croatia

Across the north coast until you reach today’s destination, the town of Komiza. But not before making a stop to enjoy a bath in one of the wonderful coves that this island offers us. A good option is the coves that you can find in Oključna. Rock, vegetation, and crystal clear waters come together to form an incredible landscape. After stretching your legs it`s time to lift anchors towards Komiza, a town of seafarers and pirate stories, to complete your journey today. An authentic place where you can enjoy a good lobster accompanied by a good local wine. In Komiza you`ll find buoys to which you can moor your boat to spend the night quietly.

Alternative: Before heading to Vis, on the island of Brac is the famous Zlatni Rat beach, also called the Golden Horn, a peculiarly shaped beach that changes shape depending on the tide. It was voted as No.1 beach in the world for 2019!  You can adapt the route to make a stop and enjoy a swim at this spectacular beach.

Day 3: From Komiza to Vis (Vis Island)

Today you can sail along the south coast of the island of Vis to the town with the same name. But first, sail to the island of Bisevo. You can say that this island is one of the most isolated and virgin places of the entire Mediterranean. Unsullied coves of crystalline water and vegetation, like Porat, will give you a five-star dip. Also, you will have a magical experience that you cannot miss. At about noon the rays of light will enter through the famous Blue Cave (Modra Spilja), a small cave that can only be accessed with an auxiliary boat. The rays will reflect in the background and the water will turn in a shade of blue that you cannot forget.

a great sunny day and a marvelous view to the church in Vis Island Croatia

After the experience in the cave, you must be hungry. What do you think about anchoring in Porat? The cove is beautiful and there is a restaurant on the beach where they make good grilled fish.

After lunch, head to Vis. A peaceful afternoon of relaxation, sun, the sound of waves and gentle breeze sailing awaits you.  On the way to Vis, bordering the south coast of the island, you will pass through a good number of coves. Without doubt one of the prettiest is Stiniva. Surrounded by mountains and pine forests, this cove is almost a lagoon enclosed between two cliffs.

Tonight, rest in the Bay of Vis, where you can dine traditional food and a bottle of good, local wine.

Day 4: From Vis to Pakleni and Hvar Islands

Good morning sailors! Today you`ll sail to one of the jewels of the Adriatic Sea, the Pakleni Islands. Same as his older sibling, Hvar, they are made up of about twenty islets. Pakleni are a paradise for lovers of the sea, nature, and sailing. On these islands you will find a lot of beaches where you can get lost, some only accessible by sea. The turquoise waters of Zdrilca on the islet of Marinkovac, the natural beaches of Jerolim or the famous Palmizana cove, on the island of San Clemente are some of the small paradises where you can anchor.

sailing to a lovely coastal town from Vis to Hvar island Croatia

After a few days of relaxation and contact with nature, your body might body ask for some walking. If what you want is to drink a mojito while the sun goes down, or eat a good grilled fish, your place is the Laganini Beach Club in Palmizana. If you want to go one step further, Carpe Diem on Stipanska Beach on Marinkovac Island will be your place. There you can move your hips to the rhythm of DJ`s sets at sunset, surrounded by beautiful people. You are on vacation in Croatia. It’s time to have fun!

If on the contrary, you are not one of those people who like parties and DJs, and what you prefer is to explore the islands, from Palmizana there is a path that will take you to the small fishing village of Vlaka. If you get hot, along the walk you will find several beautiful beaches where you can cool off.

After a magical sunset on the Pakleni Islands, head to the port of Hvar, your overnight destination.

Alternative: If you have decided to stay overnight in the Pakleni, the islands offer several places where you can anchor your boat safely like the coves of Vlaka, Luka Soline, Tarsce, Duboka Vela or the Palmizana Marina in San Clemente.

Day 5: From Hvar to Stari Grad (Hvar)

Hvar is the chic island in Croatia, a place of vibrant nightlife where the international families take their yachts for a walk. But Hvar is not just that. Beaches and coves of white sand, crystal clear waters and untamed forests of pine trees and aromatic herbs perfume this Mediterranean island. Greeks, Romans, Venetians, and Turks left their mark on numerous roads, ivory stone streets, convents, churches, and fortresses. Without a doubt, walking through the streets of the city of Hvar is a gift for the senses.

You can explore what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

After discovering the treasures of the city of Hvar, your chartered yacht will sail until you discover some of the paradisiacal coves that the island hides. If you go east, you will meet the spectacular Milna, Lucisce, Dubovica or Zavala. You can refresh yourselves in one of them and then set a course west along the rugged coast to your destination today. The city of Stari Grad. Along the way, you will find endless coves like Plibinja, Jagodna or Stiniva.

boats sailing the amazingly clear crystal waters around Hvar Croatia

Extra: The east side of Hvar is more unknown than the west. Here you can find a good number of beaches and coves with less influx of people.

In the Stari Grad Marina, you will find a good number of buoys and points where you can moor your boat to enjoy a safe and quiet night.

Stari Grad is an old fishing village, stone houses, and bohemian poets. In summer many of its inhabitants open their homes to offer visitors dishes based on fish and shellfish typical of local seafood cuisine. A corner with a lot of charm to end your fifth day of sailing on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

Day 6: From Stari Grad to Maslinica (Solta Island)

Sailors on deck! Today you will have a peaceful day of sailing from Stari Grad on the island of Hvar to Maslinica on the island of Solta. You are in the final stretch of your holiday week, sailing along the central Dalmatian coast in Croatia, but don’t let the mood go down. There are still a couple of days in which you will sunbathe, enjoy crystal clear beaches and beam with your family or friends aboard your chartered boat.

small boats banked outside a small marina on Solta island in Croatia

Set course directly to the beautiful island of Solta. Like its siblings, Solta is a quiet, very Mediterranean island, covered with pine forests, vineyards, and olive groves. The coast is dotted with deep stone coves and crystal clear waters. Idyllic natural ports where you can anchor your boat. If you prefer a safer anchorage, the port of Maslinica or neighboring Sesula will give you the necessary protection to spend a quiet night.

During the day you can sunbathe or swim in coves like Poganica or Tatinja. On the islets that you will find in front of Maslinica the waters are turquoise, ideal for snorkeling or diving. You can eat good fish and toast with your friends or family with a glass of good local wine. In the afternoon, you can rent bikes to explore the depths of the island. Grohote is a beautiful town of streets, houses and stone walls, surrounded by fields of crops that will move you to medieval times, a treasure that you can not miss.

Day 7: From Maslinica to Split

Today is the last day of your vacation sailing through Croatia. In the morning you can look for a place worthy of your last bath in the Adriatic. That place is undoubtedly the bay of Krknjasi on the island Drvenik Veli. A corner of untouched nature where olive groves inhabit the earth and turquoise waters bathe its coves and beaches. A perfect place to dive, snorkel and soak in the last rays of the sun.

a boat sailing the crystal waters of Maslinica to Split Croatia

Around noon head to the city of Trogir along the island of Ciovo.  Dock at one of the nearby marinas such as ACI Marina Trogir, C&N Marina Trogir or the Yacht Club Seget. You can also anchor freely on the island of Ciovo.

The old town of Trogir is declared a World Heritage Site. The city is seated on an island linked to land by a bridge. Trogir will transfer you to the middle ages walking among fortresses, walls, and cathedrals. A cultural brushstroke that you can certainly not miss.

Finally, your ship will take you to your final destination, the Split Marina, from where you will check out the next morning.

In Split, you can dine and enjoy remembering the incredible experience that has been chartering a boat in Croatia to tour the central Dalmatian coast. No doubt a unique vacation sailing that you will not forget. But do not get sentimental, after all, next year you can repeat it all.

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