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Yacht Charter Turkey: Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from Your Sailing Holiday!

While we think that chartering a yacht for a week or so is always a guarantee for an epic time, we wholeheartedly recommend a yacht charter in Turkey because simply put; there is nothing quite like it. A sailing holiday in Turkey is a unique opportunity to sail along the magnificent Turkish Riviera or as it is popularly and evocatively known, the Turquoise Coast, which remains to this day pristine and relatively undeveloped. Indeed, the natural beauty of this yacht destination is probably only matched by the sheer number of ancient ruins that are sprinkled throughout and very often conveniently situated near sandy beaches and picture-perfect towns.

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However, this is not all that there is to this magnificent country and a yacht-based holiday in Turkey can be the perfect base from which to explore and soak up everyday life. For instance, bazaars, bargains, and haggling are intrinsic to life in Turkey and while you may not be able to visit the world-famous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (in favour of them, more lounging time on that fabulous yacht), you can still get the bazaar experience in different towns and cities. Indeed, bazaars and street markets of varying sizes can be found throughout the country and you can easily visit a few when your yacht docks for site seeing.

We know what you’re thinking; you’re not going to Turkey to buy stuff! A yacht charter in Turkey is all about immersing yourself in the scenery, the history, and having a whole lot of fun. However, hold your horses for a moment; you can find some gems in Turkey that make wonderful keepsakes and it would be a pity to leave without picking up something special to remind you of your time there. So, read on to learn more about our top Turkish souvenir picks.


towel souvenir on a chair in Turkey


Turkey is renowned the world over for its traditional towel or peshtemal. Apart from being an intrinsic part of the Turkish bath tradition, this towel is thinner than a terry towel but is equally absorbent and more space efficient. It’s also a souvenir that you can start using while you’re still in Turkey since it’s perfect to spread out on your yacht deck for some time in the sun.


Turkish Lokum

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Nothing says Turkey more than lokum or Turkish Delight, which is essentially a soft starch and sugar-based confection. While this treatment is traditionally flavoured with rosewater, many variants are available and include pistachios, cinnamon, and orange. You can buy lokum throughout Turkey and we think that it’s perfect to snack on while sailing on your yacht but also an ideal gift for loved ones back at home.

Leather Goods

leather goods souvenir from a  bazaar in Turkey


Turkey is the perfect place to purchase all sorts of leather goods at very reasonable prices and while you will not be needing a leather jacket while you’re sunbathing on your yacht, a nice leather jacket will certainly come in handy on crisp mornings back at home.

Turkish Kilim Pillow Covers

Turkish Kilim Pillows


A traditional kilim rug is a thing of beauty and the quintessential memento from Turkey. However, a full-sized kilim rug is not particularly congruent with the spatial parameters of a yacht, so a purchase of this type is not particularly recommended. However, you can still bring home a kilim touch through some gorgeous kilim pillow covers which you can easily roll up and stash in your suitcase.


Turkish Spices


Sharp and fragrant spices are a mainstay in Turkey and fortunately something that you can buy throughout the country. Buy some to add to your meals while you’re sailing on the yacht and buy sachets to remind you of your holiday when you’re cooking at home.


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