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Yachting Holidays: Charter A Private Yacht For Luxury Vacation in Ibiza

How often have you seen photos of the enticing island of Ibiza, very often accompanied by groomed gentlemen and ladies on the deck of a fabulous yacht, sailing around the coveted Iberian island and thought to yourself, if only… Perhaps it’s not as impossibly out of reach as you may think. The great news? We’re not asking you to cough up the money to get your own sailing yacht. There might be a better (and cheaper!) way to get around that.

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Get your own yacht charter in Ibiza

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So you’ve been eyeing this little spot in the Mediterranean but not too sure how to make the most of it. Ibiza is just as beautiful from the sea as it is on the land – if not more so! Tourists flock the beaches for a very good reason; the sea is exceptionally crystalline, the climate pleasant and the views are all the more stunning from the sea than from land. Now imagine if you could spend days at sea, surrounded by every comfort imaginable and at extremely affordable prices.

Chartering a yacht in Ibiza offers a plethora of such advantages. You’ll have a skipper who will take care of navigation and general running of the yacht so you can really kick back and enjoy that Piña Colada. The power yachts we charter add a dose of thrill and excitement to the trip. The powerful engines are bound to make you feel as if you’re positively soaring over the sea. Whether it is open beaches with a number of activities you can join in or secluded beaches you could never get to on foot, opting for a sailing holiday in Ibiza will definitely be one for the books.

In the lap of luxury

A yachting holiday would not be complete without that little taste of luxury we might not get every day back home. Uniquely finished yachts with attention given to every single detail, ensures you are made to feel pampered and well taken care of. We pride ourselves in the choice of vessels we offer and whatever your needs, you can rest assured that we’ll have just the thing for you. Luxury yacht, aquamarine seas, Ibiza skyline, gorgeous sunsets. Your Instagram will never be the same again.

Simple & Smooth….

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…..Like a boat slicing through calm seas. That’s exactly how we want our customers to feel when chartering a yacht for the favourite destination. A very short process and a smooth transaction, so you can feel like your holiday really started from the day you book your sailing holiday. We’ll guide you through all our options and discuss with you what the best one for your specific needs is. Hassle-free, like every holiday, should be.

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Whether you’re rifling through your Ibiza guidebook or checking out yacht chartering options to take you around the island, why not drop us a line with your ideas? Let us organise an unforgettable charter experience for you and your loved ones, one you’ll treasure for a long time yet.

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