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Boat & Yacht Hire in Bodrum Turkey

Boat & Yacht Hire in Bodrum Turkey

Even though Bodrum was a snug fishing village of only a few thousand people, it has experienced a renaissance that has transformed it into one of Turkey’s most popular vacation hotspots in the last half-century. The city is called a second home for a lot of writers, intellectuals, musicians and artists. It has a distinctly European feel and is considered as a multi-dimensional gem.

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This incredibly popular luxury landing place is named as one of the 2020’s top travel destinations by Architectural Digest. The city is popular by the name “St. Tropez of Turkey” since it is known for its luxury hotels, beach clubs, food scene and the abundance of boats and yachts drifting in its turquoise and deep blue waters. Long term yacht rental and boat hire in Bodrum is considered as a popular activity since sailing is one of the best things you can do while staying in this extraordinary city.

Bodrum Cruise Routes You Should Know About

The “St. Tropez of Turkey” is one of the most elegant seasides getaways on the Aegean Turkish coast and getting on the waters around this extraordinary city is a MUST-DO for anyone who wants to spend their holiday in a culturally rich place. However, you will be truly sorry if you don’t hire a bareboat yacht charter and cruise on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean coastline.

Whether you are looking to hire a private yacht charter in Bodrum for the day or want to join in with the colorful sunset cruise party boats, you can always find everything you need here. If you love hiking, a boat trip to the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Knidos would be a perfect solution for you. Maybe you can stop for a relaxed day at Datca, or visit the hidden gem of Turkey – Keci Buku. Whatever your choice is, it would be the right one!

Boat and Yacht Hire

View of the sea boat and old town in Turkey

If you have decided to go on a boat trip, you might as well want to consider the rental options. You can hire a yacht charter direct from the owner or online. I always recommend skippered yacht charter so you can fully enjoy your boat trip. Whatever the choice, you came to the right place if you want to explore the fabulous intercontinental cultural melting pot. Some of the boats you can find here are the following:

Bodrum, the beauty of Turkey

Turkey itself is boarded by numerous countries, adding to the richness of its allure. Its shores meet with the Mediterranean Sea to the South, the Aegean Sea to the West and the Black sea to the North. That makes this realm a fantastic yacht charter option. And there is a reason why Bodrum is named as one of the best travel destinations. You will have an unforgettable vacation with the opportunity to visit the incredible hidden gems of Turkey. You can have a yachting holiday and it can be a totally new concept on the ever-changing travel scene.

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