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Sailing Cape Verde – 10 Reasons to Visit the Island of Sal

10 reasons to sail and visit Islands of Sal

The island of Sal in Cape Verde is a perfect destination to for your next sailing adventure: enjoy the beach, good weather, culture, music, gastronomy, and many activities that this destination can offer.

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We have selected 10, but surely when you visit this very special place, you will find 1,000 more reasons to come back on this rhythmic archipelago in Africa:

Relax on its paradise beaches.

In the area of Santa María, you will find the sandy beach that you have always dreamed of when you imagine a good holiday in the sun. The African Caribbean awaits you with pleasant temperatures almost all year round!
strong waves hitting the sandy beaches of Santa Maria in Cape Verde

Feel the roots of Creole culture

As soon as you set foot on the island, you can feel the African-Portugal mixture, and that is something that you shouldn`t miss. The people of Cape Verde are very hospitable and will welcome you with a wide smile. Folklore and crafts complete the roots of the Creole culture.

Taste the authentic flavors of local cuisine

The Portuguese culinary heritage, combined with the West African cuisine, and the variety and quality of local products, results in an explosion of flavors that delights Cape Verde visitors. Taste the local specialties, like Cachupa and get lost in their different flavors!

Cachupa dish representing the taste of Cape Verde

Enjoy Cape Verdean music, the land of Cesária Évora

Cape Verde is a country internationally known for its music, and Cesária Évora is one of the most famous ambassadors. And not just her, there are numerous artists who will show you why morna is a style that breaks the borders and conquers experts from around the world.

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Disconnect onboard a ship along the coast

A dream island, with magnificent views from the water, is a perfect place to sail. On the Island of Sal, you have many boat rental services, in addition to larger boats where you can join other travelers, also enjoying underwater views.

Practice water sports: windsurfing, surfing, and kitesurfing

The geographical location of the Island of Sal, in the Macaronesia region in the Atlantic, makes it an ideal location to practice all kinds of water and nautical sports. Grab your board and do not hesitate and try the Cape Verdean waves!

surfing tourist on the Cape Verde strong waves

Discover the traditional fishing art of the locals

Fishing is one of the most important economic activities in the area. Enjoy, and encourage yourself to practice this sport so special and suitable for the whole family. If you insist, surely the fishermen in the area can tell you some secrets to get better catches!

Surprise yourself with the wonderful underwater world of the Island of Sal

The Atlantic Ocean is the home of numerous species. In particular Cape Verde, because of its location, is the natural area of various species of fish and large mammals in certain seasons of the year. Rays and schools of colorful fish swim around the old wrecks and reefs. Cape Verde also has the third largest population of nesting loggerhead turtles, so you wouldn`t want to miss that.

loggerhead turtles diving in the sea near Cape Verde

Visit the salt evaporating ponds of Pedra de Lume

Due to its high concentration of salt in the water, the ponds have an identical effect like the waters of the Dead Sea. And it`s a really different experience. Float as if gravity does not exist, in the old Salinas. You must visit Pedra de Lume and see with your own eyes this striking natural phenomenon.

Live the “No stress” life

In Cape Verde, there is no rush. Where there is the sun and the sea, there`s no place for stress. Disconnect from the problems, the ringing phone, the office hours. Just lay back and enjoy in the most amazing nature and culture.

Prepare your boat, your suitcase and your passport. It`s hedonism time.

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