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Why Sailboats Are Better Than Powerboats?

Why Sailboats Are Better Than Powerboats?

Why it is better to cruise with a sailboat than with a powerboat? There are a lot of reasons. For starters, a sailboat is quiet and clean, whereas a powerboat is not. Rag boats are much more affordable to buy and to run. They are also safer and more reliable. Sailboats are more challenging and exciting than motorboats. Sailing is about the journey, the powerboat is about the destination. These are only a few reasons. Nevertheless, sailboats are not a better choice for everyone, which is why we will give information on what exactly is a sailboat and what is the powerboat so you can decide what works better for you.

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What is a sailboat?

A sailboat, aka sailing boat, is a boat propelled partly or entirely by sails and it is smaller than a sailing ship. There are a few types of sailing boats:


The most common modern sailboat is Sloop. The boat features one mast and two sails, typically a Bermuda rigged main, and a headsail. This simple configuration makes the vessel very efficient for sailing into the wind.


The Cutter is similar to a Sloop with a single mast and mainsail, yet generally carries the mast further aft to allow for a jib and staysail to be attached to the head stay and inner fore stay, individually.


A Catboat has a single mast mounted far forward and does not carry a jib. Most modern designs have only one sail, the mainsail. However, the traditional catboat could carry multiple sails from the gaff rig.


A Dinghy is a type of small motorboat that people use for recreation, sail training, and tending a larger vessel. This type of open motorboat is popular in youth sailing programs and they have three sails: the mainsail, jib, and spinnaker.


A sailboat with two masts. Ketches are similar to a sloop, but there is a second shorter mast astern of the mainmast, but forward of the rudder post. The second mast is called the mizzen mast and the sail is called the mizzen sail.

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A Schooner is a type of sail vessel that can have more than two masts, with the foremast always lower than the foremost main. Traditional topsail schooners have topmasts allowing triangular topsails sails to be flown above their gaff sails and many modern schooners are Bermuda rigged.


A Yawl is similar to a ketch, with a shorter mizzen mast carried astern the rudderpost more for balancing the helm than propulsion.

What is a powerboat?

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An outboard powerboat has a high power-to-weight ratio and a hull design that allows easy planing. This allows higher speed and improved handling. In terms of the types of powerboats, RIBs offer a fast, exciting and versatile way of getting into boating. Because of their speed and since they can easily tow behind a car, they are great for trips and exploring both at home and on holiday. Speedboats provide a popular and exciting way of getting afloat.

Sailboat VS Powerboat

What works better for you would probably depend on the type of sailing you are looking for. For instance, if you want to arrive fast to your destination and enjoying while cruising is not your priority, then you might want to consider a powerboat. But if you want a quiet craft that will give you a more exciting journey, a sailboat is the right choice for you. Here are a few key differences between sailboats and powerboats:

Sailboats are Quiet

If you are out on the water under sail, you only hear the water splashing on the hull and the wind. Sailing is an extremely peaceful experience where you can connect with nature. On the other hand, when you are in a powerboat there is a constant screeching sound in the back. This engine can easily reach volumes of 80dB, which is incredibly loud and the only way to stop it is to stop the boat.

Sailboats are More Affordable

Contrary to the powerboats, sailboats are twice as affordable. Let’s say you need to go somewhere and you need a boat to buy. If one speedboat costs you around $5,000 – $8,000 USD, a sailboat will probably cost you around $1,500 – $2,000 USD.

You can Live on a Sailboat

Yes, you can live on a powerboat as well, but if it has a cabin. Most of them don’t. On the flip side, all sailboats over 24 ft have a cabin. Maybe it is a small one, but you can live there. You can add the cost here, pretty all powerboats with a cabin are extremely expensive. That is not the case with sailboats.

If you are going on fishing trips, family day trips on a beach or islands or if you want to water ski or wakeboard, then we would suggest choosing a powerboat over a sailing boat. But if your idea of cruising is to enjoy and connect with nature, a sailboat would be the right option for you.





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