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Dubrovnik Croatia Yacht Charter

Dubrovnik Croatia Yacht Charter

Bathed in the Adriatic Sea, Europe’s newly discovered jewel has a lot to offer: Breathtaking scenery, charming azure islands, and weather to its advantage. There’s no better place to let yourself slide on the water with boat. Come and enjoy the Croatian sun, lying on the deck of your ship! Between April and September, the conditions are optimal, and the crystal-clear waters are at an ideal temperature for swimming and cooling off. The spring season is also very popular with sailors, with even milder temperatures. The climate here is really, very pleasant. At the crossroads of the most radiant civilizations of our world, Croatia has been enriched by Roman, Greek, Ottoman, and Slavic cultures, giving it a great wealth of heritage that is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and art. Moreover, Croatians are charming, friendly, and smiling, the language barrier is no longer a problem as they are warm and welcome you with open arms.

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The beauty of the Croatian landscape has a certain complexity. Indeed, the small islands, rocks, and submerged reefs force one to be careful when sailing in these waters. With your yacht charter in Dubrovnik, you will sail between the shallows, which are well marked on the detailed maps.

In the Adriatic waters, the play of channels is essential to understand, currents can reach up to 1 or even 2 knots, and the corridors between the large islands can change the weather forecasts and perceptions. Moreover, even if the weather is relatively calm, the wind can, at times, rush and strengthen unpredictably. This wind effect, well known in Croatia, is much more present in the north than in the south because of the relief of the islands. We, therefore, recommend that you take care when sailing up the Croatian coast. The sea breeze blows from west to northwest. If it is relatively calm in the morning, it is less so in the afternoon. The Croatian climate is of the Mediterranean type, i.e., hot and dry in summer and mild in winter, so you can sail there all year round.


The marinas are well dispersed on the Croatian territory, however, none of them are free of charge; some anchorages are not free of charge, for example, the bay of Korcula in the south. The only thing to note is the presence of white panels with a black inverted anchor in the anchorages of the underwater cable areas.

The Pearl of the Adriatic

The Dalmatian Riviera, in South Dalmatia, is an exceptional region with its fortified city bordered by magnificent cypress forests. This region is formerly known as the Maritime Republic of Ragusa. Dubrovnik, one of its main cities, named “Pearl of the Adriatic” and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its motto: “Freedom doesn’t sell itself even for all the gold in the world.”

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Dubrovnik’s cuisine is rich and generous. The best oysters and mussels in the entire Adriatic can be found here! You can also enjoy pieces of cooked veal and lamb accompanied by honeyed Istrian wine or wines from Dingač, Postup, Pelješac, or Korčula. Eel and frog soups from the Neretva Valley are a specialty not to be missed. When visiting the town, you will notice that some parts of the floor are made of marble. You will also see buildings dating from different periods: splendid medieval, baroque or renaissance buildings, separated by simple alleyways. Among these buildings that have survived through the ages, we recommend the Assumption Cathedral, the Clock Tower, the Franciscan Monastery, the Rector’s Palace, or the Onofrio Fountain. The various islands, ideally located not far from the coast, are separated from each other by a maximum of 10 nautical miles. You can, therefore, anchor there all night long and make a stopover to visit some of them. Discover the jewels of the Adriatic with more than 1500 ports and gulfs along the coast!

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Departing from Dubrovnik with your charter boat, direction Mljet: Temptation Island. This is where the Greek king Odysseus was attracted by the temptress Calypso. Near the village Babino Polje, there is a beautiful cave with his name! Considered to be the most beautiful island of Dubrovnik, the bicycle ride along the coast, sheltered by dense bread forests, is simply magnificent.


Stop for lunch on Lastovo Island. A natural sea life, it is on this island that the dishes of the Adriatic, however unusual they may be, are best prepared: Fish, lobsters, mollusks, and shellfish of all kinds are in the spotlight on the tables of the typical taverns of the island. Accompanied by a local wine, these meals will make you travel far, far away.


All sails out, set course for Hvar! The rendezvous of the jet-set and the stars. Take advantage of this island to go out and let off steam: parties on the beach, cocktail bars, restaurants, etc. Everything is good for having fun in a wonderful setting. The next day you can relax on one of the few beaches in the area, in Jelsa.


Finally, if you are looking for a beautiful beach to enjoy the sun, water sports, or enjoy the waves, go to Brač on the beautiful and atypical beach of Zlatni rat. Shaped like a lizard’s tongue, this beach is a true wonder of nature by its shape. Moreover, the waves here are exceptional. Surf lovers get your boards! It is above all one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, bordered by subtropical gardens that offer an incomparable natural setting. To finish your trip, visit the beautiful and relaxing city of Ploče with your boat.

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