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Yacht Charter & Boat Rental Kos

Yacht Charter & Boat Rental Kos

What makes sailing in the Dodecanese as a travel destination so fascinating? Scenic beauty, countless anchor bays that can be reached in pleasant daily stages, wonderful sailing wind and a variety of cultural sights make this area so attractive. A boat rental in Greece is a must if you want to visit this chain of islands and islets, partly uninhabited – the most beautiful and greenest part of the Aegean.

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Sail from island to island in daily stages, taking time to explore picturesque harbor towns and enjoying the cultural and culinary delights of this typical Greek region. The east Greek Aegean Islands are a sailing area par excellence for many sailors in Greece.

Between the sailing stages, with a skippered yacht charter, there is enough time to enjoy imposing old towns such as Rhodes, beautiful harbor towns and the lively hustle and bustle in the alleys.

Kos the beauty of Greece

The archipelago of the Dodecanese (greek word for Twelve Islands) extends in a crescent shape into the Aegean Sea from the Turkish mainland coast westwards to Crete. The 12 large and around 40 small islands are quite close together. There are both forested and bare islands, with cypress groves and mountainous landscapes.

While sailing the Dodecanese from Kos, you will sail to whimsical bathing bays and quaint harbor towns. The best fish is served in Telendos in a small tavern by the sea!

Beautiful look beach sea Kos Greece

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Sailing in Kos (Dodecanese) is like a journey through time through a landscape that bears the mark of ancient cultures. In reality, the island of Kos is the result of the sinking of a mountain chain due to the effect of a tremendous movement of land in remote times. The nearby islands of  Kalymnos and  Nyssiros they share the same origin being also remains of the same mountainous crest. These large tectonic movements have exposed strata of the quaternary that have brought interesting fossil remains of mammals such as horses, hippos, and elephants.

Kos sea and boats

On Kos, stroll through the old town and enjoy the tingling atmosphere in one of the cafés. The unreal islands Lipsi, Patmos, Leros, and Kalymnos invite you with wonderful bays and paradisiacal small places. With good winds and a crew that likes to sail a lot, a detour to the island of Astypalea is also attractive. Almost all islands played an important role in ancient times, traces of which can be found in many places. The people on the islands are hospitable and sociable, just as it is traditional in Greece.

Kos marina

Kos marina is one of the newest marinas on the island of Kos and has a total of 250 berths. Protection in the marina is good, even with strong Meltemi. Its coastline stretches along 112 km in which the beaches of crystalline waters with pebbles in the north and fine golden sand in the south abound that have led to tourism being the main economic resource of  Kos. With a coastline like this, we recommend that you rent a boat in Kos, and visit all the amazing places.

Vathi, Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos, the sister island of Leros, lies to the south, separated by the Diavlos the Lerou canal. What makes the island of Kalymnos are mostly steep and bare rock faces, which give the island a timeless but impressive character.

Pali Nisyros marina and typical Greece white buildings

The fjord-like bay Vathy lies on the east side of the island of Kalymnos and cuts deeply into the country. The sandy bottom is overgrown with seaweed, but it holds well. The villagers are families of the old sponge divers. There are several taverns right on the beach. However, a walk through the valley to the interior of Vathi is worthwhile. Orange and lemon groves and juicy vegetable beds form a nice contrast to the bare rocky slopes of the area.

The extinct volcanic crater Nisyros is almost a square island. Pali (also called Palio), on the northeast side of Nisyros, offers a good alternative for sailors when the weather conditions are no longer safe in Mandrakion. The village of Pali is lovely and you can also swim in the harbor basin on Nisyros. There are several taverns along the harbor, where sailors can relax and unwind after a long day of sailing in the Dodecanese.

Vati Kalymnos a beautiful marina

We highly recommend that you charter a boat in Kos to visit all of these breathtaking places. All kinds of boats for hire can be found there-motorboats, sailing boats, yachts or catamarans, everything is available.

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