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Sailing Holiday in Seget Donji Croatia Summer 2020

Seget Donji a great place for summer sailing holiday

Seget Donji was a virtually unknown village, rarely cited in blogs or guides that talk about Croatia. It is, however, a pretty little settlement, near the beautiful Saldun Bay and connected to the neighboring village of Seget Vranjica and the historic city of Trogir.

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Great view of boat ribarasko selo boat and buildings in Seget donji

Thanks to its central location in Dalmatia and its excellent range of activities, restaurants, bars, and shops, Seget Donji is becoming an attractive tourist resort. At a distance of 7 km from Split Airport and only 2 km from Trogir, the Seget Donji port is the ideal place to rent a boat.

The village of Seget Donji

Like all the villages on the coast, Seget Donji is all sloping. You will find plenty of luxurious apartments a little away, and you can reach Trogir on foot while enjoying the beaches and continuous coves. On the way to Trogir, you’ll also cross a huge yacht restoration center, and sometimes you can see the interior of these boats worth several millions of euros. What a treat!

boats sea and old building architecture Seget Donji

Those who opt to visit Seget Donji for their holiday will encounter a variety of cultural, historical, and natural sites. Old stone houses, some of them now restaurants, are mostly refurbished or renovated. In the hot summer period, when its residents and visitors can hide in the pleasant shade, the interior core of the castle is enjoyable. Fans of historical monuments can visit the medieval church of St. Ilija on the top of the village, a Baroque church, or other monuments from the nearby cities of Trogir and Split, where you can also plunge into the bustling nightlife.

An ideal location

There is a small old harbor for boats, excellent for fishing and diving, so the local fishermen are now using as a fishing take-off point, and there are several restaurants and cafes near the port.

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a view of marina boatic Seget Donji Crotia

In the yachting community, Seget Donji is a well-known name and, in fact, represents a sought-after destination where many amateurs meet, for its natural beauty, its numerous sailing opportunities, the abundance of sites, and convenient infrastructure. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, you must charter a boat in Seget Donji at least once in your life. Yachting enthusiasts will appreciate ACI-Trogir’s marina services.

The beaches

Outside the core of the castle in the west, the long hiking trail leads you to many sandy and pebble beaches, framed by a pine forest, from the village to the yachts port.

There is also a boat dock that connects Seget with the surrounding islands of Drvenik Mali and Drvenik Veliki, Trogir and Split.

The setting at Seget Donji is delightful. There is everything you need to enjoy it on-site, and besides, Trogir is just 5 minutes by car.

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On the hill of Seget Donji, there is a beautiful view of Trogir and the entire bay, so it is an ideal spot if you want to film, photograph, or see Trogir from afar.

beautful beach and sea in Seget Donji Croatia

Seget is expected to continue to develop it into an enjoyable summer holiday destination for those who want more peace, besides the clean sea, sun, and Dalmatian cuisine. Seget is an alternative or an oasis of calm in the summer months near tourist attractions.

Seget Donji beach sea and Medena hotels

It’s a perfect location to charter a boat and start your sailing itinerary around the many Croatian islands.

Enjoy this small cultural town and visit the amazing islands that are nearby!

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